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N-Science Engineering and Admin

5158 Parfet Street, Unit 1
Wheatridge, CO 80033

N-Science Production and Labs

5158 Parfet Street, Unit 2
Wheatridge, CO 80033-2164

Dan Scheld, President

Cell: 303-718-9502

Joe Martin, Director of Science Programs

Cell: 303-549-4365

Dan Ladner, Director of R&D Programs

Cell: 303-506-4733

John Flemming, Director of Engineering Programs

Cell: 303-908-8264

Pat Thompson, R&D Engineering


N-Science Corporation, a Small Business Concern (SBA), was founded in 2004 by a group of experienced aerospace engineers with the intent to provide innovative and effective products and services to the science and aerospace communities. n-Sci believes in a no-nonsense approach to providing solutions that best fit customer requirements.