Our Heritage

n-Science Corporation, a Small Business Concern (SBA), was founded by a group of experienced aerospace engineers with the intent to provide innovative and effective products and services to the science and aerospace communities. n-Sci believes in a no-nonsense approach to providing solutions that best fit customer requirements. n-Sci employees have been instrumental through hardware or software contributions on high profile programs.

Our Family

Key Direct Personnel:
Dan Scheld President
Terry Gamber Senior Science/Space Programs Lead
Dr. Dan Ladner Director of R&D Programs
Jeff Hayden Senior Engineering Systems Lead
Seth Techmanski Optical Surfaces Production Lead
“Individual Commitment to a group effort –
That is what makes a team work,…”
Vince Lombardi
Principal Investigators & CoIs include:
John Marshall SETI Institute
Penelope Boston New Mexico Tech/Complex Systems Research
Rocco Mancinelli NASA AMES / SETI
Don Williamson Colorado School of Mines
Dan Kojiro NASA AMES
Jeff Plescia Johns Hopkins/Applied Physics Laboratory
Kim Kuhlman Planetary Science Institute
Linda Ellis San Francisco State University
Kris Zacny Honeybee Robotics
Paul Abell NASA/JSC/ARES Chief Scientist for Small BodiesExploration
Przemyslaw Dera University of Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
Dan Durda Southwest Research Institute Dept of Space Studies
Adrienne Dove UCF Planetary Sciences Group
Marc Fries NASA/JSC/ARES Planetary Scientist
Patrick Michel Senior Researcher at CNRS, France
Dan Britt UCF Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science
Pam Clark NASA/JPL Director Cubesat Development Lab
Bill Farrand Space Science Institute Senior Research Scientist
Board of Directors:
Daniel Scheld President, N-Science Corporation
Jack Davis Board of Directors, Advance Surface Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Joseph Martin Director, N-Science Corp.
Joseph H. Rothenberg Independent Aerospace Consultant
Christopher McCormick PlanetIQ Chairman and Founder
Tom Meyer Honorary Director, Founder, Mars Underground