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N-Science Optical Blacks (DSBs) Fly with Starling Swarm

StarFOX / Starling Formation-Flying Optical Experiment

NEWS (6/25/22)



two exoplanets similar to Earth 33 light-years away

NASA mission discovers 2 Earth-like exoplanets

TESS Camera Lightshields operate with N-Science Deep Space Blacks

NEWS (6/20/22)

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Deep Space Blacks - DSB

N-Science Deep Space Blacks (DSB) ride on Transporter 5 Launch, May 25.

Several payloads included DSB coatings

NEWS (6/6/22)

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NACHOS - Nanosat Atmospheric Chemistry Hyperspectral Observation System

NACHOS Anyone - Nanosat Atmospheric Chemistry Hyperspectral Observation System
N-Science Deep Space Blacks ride with LANL NACHOS Payload

NEWS (2/19/22)

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TESS/ Latest - Quadruple Star Systems

TESS/ Latest - Quadruple Star Systems

NEWS (2/18/22)

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TESS/ Another First - Large Scale Study of Stellar Flaring

NEWS (1/31/22)

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TESS/ 5,000 Exoplanets...and counting,,,

NEWS (1/26/22)

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NASA/TESS Latest... this time it's Hell

NEWS (12/1/21)

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NASA Starlings

NASA STARLINGS Swarm with N-Science DSBs

NEWS (10/22/21)

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TROPICS Pathfinder Mission Launched with N-Science DSB Aboard

NEWS (10/15/21)

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N-Science Deep Space Black rides with CUTE

NEWS (10/7/21)

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sls cubesats


N-Science Deep Space Blacks riding with several cubesats on Artemis First Flight.

NEWS (8/31/21)

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Tess In Orbit


TESS considering a SmallSat Partner, TESS L-5, Using Spare Camera Available - TESS Also Gearing Up for Three Year Extended Mission, Starting October 2022.

NEWS (8/10/21)

N-Science Deep Space Blacks Used On TESS Camera Lightshields.

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In The News

NEWS (7/12/21)

N-Science in the News

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TOI-1231 b


TESS Another First - This time part of team involved in discovery of a planet with an "Interesting Atmosphere". N-Science Deep Space Black used on all 4 TESS Camera Lightshields.

NEWS (6/09/21)

Scientists discover new exoplanet with an atmosphere ripe for study

An international group of collaborators, including scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and The University of New Mexico, have discovered a new, temperate sub-Neptune sized exoplanet with a 24-day orbital period orbiting a nearby M dwarf star. The recent discovery offers exciting research opportunities thanks to the planet’s substantial atmosphere, small star, and how fast the system is moving away from the Earth.

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Solar Flare


NSF VISORS Mission. N-Science Deep Space Blacks flying with VISORS cubesats. Planned launch in 2023.

NEWS (5/12/21)

University of Illinois taps Blue Canyon for scientific cubesat mission - SpaceNews

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign awarded a contract to Blue Canyon Technologies to provide cubesats for a space mission sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The value of the award was not disclosed.

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Tess Space Telecope


TESS Another First - Gamma-Ray Burst Detection. N-Science Deep Space Black used on all 4 TESS Camera Lightshields.

NEWS (5/01/21)

Exoplanet-hunter TESS telescope spots bright gamma-ray burst

Dallas TX (SPX) May 01, 2021 - NASA has a long tradition of unexpected discoveries, and the space program's TESS mission is no different. SMU astrophysicist and her team have discovered a particularly bright gamma-ray burst using

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS


TESS again in the news... 3 years of Discovery and Counting:

NEWS (4/20/21)
The NASA Terrestrial Exoplanet Survey Satellite celebrates 3 years in service. N-Science Deep Space Blacks are used on all 4 TESS Camera Lightshield Assemblies.

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