Mass Gauging Systems


MAGA - Zero-G MASS GAUGING System (patent pending)

N-Science has designed a Mass Gauging system that can be used in a Zero-G Space Environment to determine the quantity of a residual fluid or sublimating solid in its Containment Vessel. The method is applicable to Cryogenic and Ambient temperature fluids, and the principle of operation also applies to Non-Zero-G, ground based environments and applications.

MAGA Features
  • Gauge Operates in a Passive Mode to Detect Free Oscillations
  • Allows a Determination of the Fluid Mass Using Well-Known Mathematical Relations
  • Innovative Method that uses a Direct Gauging Approach Based on the Physics Defining Mass Itself
  • Implements the Measurement in a Simple, Cost-Effective way by Eliminating the Need For Fluid-Specific Calibrations
  • N-Sci Corp
  • BRE
  • Colorado School of Mines (CSM)

Mass Gauging of Propellants & Life-Essential Staples is an Enabling Technology Critical to Exploration


A Valuable/Innovative Approach to LOW-G Mass Gauging, an area that has remained a Technological Challenge


MAGA Breadboard
MAGA- Sample Output
MAGA Advanced Design / Preparation for Zero-G Test
MAGA Advanced Design Assembly
MAGA Advanced Design Analysis