Process Services

N-Science Engineering Services for our DEEP BLACK products - We Are Here to Help !

As a rule of thumb for any part, optical or otherwise, it is good practice to give consideration to post fabrication processing in the early stages of the design. This early appreciation typically results in reduced overall cost for the part and the required tooling and packaging. N-Science is fully equipped to provide design guidance for your application.

It is sometimes not possible to take in all design implications early. N-Science process specialists have become quite expert in working with existing details and assemblies. N-Science process specialists have a wide range of knowledge on processes and materials and sources. Should one of our DEEP BLACK surface products not meet your need, our process specialist will make recommendations and provide guidance in directing you to the right process contact. Should there be no existing process and/or material available elsewhere, we would be happy to explore partnership options for development of a custom treatment.

N-Science will be happy provide more current performance data and the latest properties information upon request. Please Call Us to Discuss Your Specific Application!